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Site Seeker – Verify your SEO!

05 January 2012no comments Internet

One of the most important aspects of website promotion is search engine optimization. SEO is the ‘art’ of understanding how search engines rank webpages and tweaking your website to attain the top result for your area of service. SEO is this and much more. It is a business in itself. While explaining about SEO is beyond the scope of this article, if you are interested, you may consult the following links to learn more:

Whether you have hired a SEO expert or not, once you are done with optimizing your website, you can keep a track of how well your website is performing using a free tool – Site Seeker.

Site Seeker is a simple, yet effective tool to find out your site ranking against the top search engines for the keywords that you want your customers or readers to find you.

To check how your website is faring, just

  1. Enter the search keyword (This will be the keywords that your customers/reader search to get to you)
  2. Enter your website’s domain name.
  3. Choose the search engine you want to check against. (Currently Site Seeker v2.2 supports Ask, Google, Bing and Yahoo – along with a few regional variants)
  4. Click search and the software will sift through the search results and find the position of your website for the keyword!

Simple as that!

Download Site Seeker!

About the Author

Manoj is a software professional by day and a blogger, web-developer, and an internet addict by night. You can view his personal blog or follow him on facebook and twitter.

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